Saturday, October 6, 2012 whatever lol

In which we find it doesn't make much sense for me to have any delusions about updating this thing regularly. 0_0

BUT in other news, with the release of the Regency American Girl doll (which I hope to get for my next birthday) I am currently in the middle of doing a lot of Regency sewing.  I've been wanting to improve my sewing skills anyway, so I'm trying to do a dolly sewing project a month.  Last month was a 1930s dress (I'll have to share pics!) and this month I'm starting on some Regency undergarments! 

I'm going to make:
a round-eared cap
a mob cap
a linen apron
a pair of training stays (some Regency children had to wear them for posture much like Georgian children)
2 shifts
2 muslin bodiced petticoats
2 flannel bodiced petticoats
2 fichus
various chemisettes/under blouses

It's a lot, lol!  I've finished the caps and shifts and am currently workin on the stays patterns.  The fichus should be easy enough....I'll probably just adapt some human-sized hankies for the purpose!

I'm using my beloved Emma 2009 as reference and doing all the research has made me want to watch the 1996 version too.  Maybe if I'm not 100% lazy I could share some thoughts on that.

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Hey puddin I tagged you at my blog. :D

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