Sunday, August 5, 2012

Days 8 and 9...sort of...

Nobody said it had to be thirty days in a ROW, right? Right...
I'll do two today:

Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life - Honestly I don't know what to do with this one...I guess I'll go for J.M. Barrie.

Dear J.M. Barrie,
I know you probably aren't hearing this, and you certainly weren't expecting to hear from an almost-21-year-old-girl from 2012, but I have to thank you for being an author.  I remember first meeting you when I was 12 and watching a psychology show, where I learned you were short because you didn't have enough human interaction (well I'm short too, so I understand your challenges in that area).  I also learned, in that show, that you were the name of the man who wrote Peter Pan.  Having liked the movie Hook, I decided to borrow your book from the library, and I was instantly amazed at your talent.  I think you accomplished what you set out to do by inspiring a kid's imagination more than it would ever have been inspired before.  I don't read the book as often as I used to (which is not saying much, considering I don't read ANY book multiple times a day anymore ;) ), and I quit half-looking-outside for him a long time ago, but the effects of Peter Pan are still with me everyday.  The magic of that book drove me to practice my writing and gave me something to draw, and it was one of the last major things I played with my sister as a kid.  So thank you, Mr. James Matthew Barrie, for changing the way I was as a child and as an adult.

Day 9: A photo you took  - Ooh, I want to show you something I made recently!   I've been trying to craft for my American Girl dolls more, and I decided to make doll-sized tamales for Josefina!  I just took some regular cornhusks and soaked them, and then tore off smallish pieces and stuffed them with a wad of paper towel, folding the husks around the "filling".  I then tied them with strips of cornhusk.  It was so fun and easy to do, you should definitely try it!


Gina said...

Hey Nina, happy birthday!

And that was a very sweet letter!

Nina said...

Thank you so much for remembering, Gina!^_^

EMMA said...

That is so cute. My sister would love to make that.


circleofchaos said...

Maybe follow each other???
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