Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 7: Five things you couldn't possibly live without

Day 7: Five things you couldn't possibly live without 

Haha, well I think most people, when they reach this prompt, usually list things like religion, family, etc. but... I mean, those are kind of obvious, right?  So instead of focusing on the more abstract things like that, I'm going to talk about the actual more material things I'd really miss if I suddenly didn't have!!

#5 and #4 Paper and Pencil
About half my life revolves around the things I do with a paper and pencil!  Drawing, writing, sketching, planning, homework - I mean seriously, many of my most favorite hobbies would well nigh disappear if I didn't have these two essentials which are easy to forget.  Bonus points if the Pencil is mechanical or has a useable eraser. ;)

#3 Books
 It doesn't really matter what KIND of book - I'll read almost anything!  Of course there's the whole "escapism" bit that goes along with reading and makes books so necessary, but they also teach you a lot (fiction teaches as much as nonfiction sometimes) and also helps me to become a better writer.  Then there's also the actual tactile feel of books that's irreplaceable - I can't believe that people are switching to Kindle now (which is kind of like going without a real book) which doesn't even have pages!  

#2 Windows
I knew a girl when I was younger who didn't have any windows in her bedroom and that would almost kill me. XD  I only have a small one in my room (unless I open the dormer door....that's another one) but at least it's something to let in light and look out of when you're thinking.  I guess it sounds lame but I do love windows.

#1 Technology 
I could do without Internet if I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO, and for that matter I could go without a TV and probably a computer (although...yeah, that would make research and shopping and online education pretty difficult ;D ), but I would not be able to give up other computer-run niceties and basic technology like running water!  As much as I love my period films, their lack of modern technology is definitely something that keeps me from wishing I lived back then!


Selenia said...

I completely agree with all of these. I love the feel of a book and the smell of the pages.

EMMA said...

It does not sound lame that that you love windows. I love them, too.


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