Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanks to Alexis Bledel....

I now have bangs!

Well....sort of. I actually intended to cut my hair for the New Year, as a sort of change - I'll be 20 this year, and this spring I'll be graduating with my AA, but when I mentioned to my mother that I'd like the new style she reminded me that my hair is naturally wavy - and then I realized that um, yeah, most of the people I was looking at were Asians who have naturally straight hair and wouldn't have to do the amount of styling I would. So what's a poor naturally-wavy-haired gal to do?

Go shopping! I had originally seen Ken Paves' clip-in bangs on QVC, and after reading the mostly positive reviews and doing some price comparisons I finally purchased the medium brown (also called "R6" or "Dark Chocolate" on other sites) from this terrific Ebay seller:

Whereas the bangs can sell for up to $44 plus shipping, I got mine for $16.75 and free shipping!! Sweet! This seller has all the colors, I believe, split into two auctions (one listing all the darks and one listing the blondes).

Okay, so the concept for the bangs is really interesting. They are made of synthetic hair (you can curl, straighten, wash, and even cut, but not dye these) attached to three metal "pressure sensitive" clips that look like small combs. That sounds harder than it actually is. They come out of the package looking like this:

The way you apply them is by sliding the clips into your hair and snapping them shut. Now, whereas actually clipping them in is not difficult, positioning them can be. I tried several different ways - I parted my hair in the middle, but the topmost clip showed terribly. I tried brushing my hair back, and that did a bit better. But I personally think it looks best when I part my hair to the side - for some reason it seems like the clip is easier to hide and you can brush your hair over top of the piece.

Now, part of the reason I find it a bit difficult to arrange properly is because the color is slightly off. I ordered the piece in, as I said, "Medium Brown," but the color actually has more red than I would have liked (they already have Medium Red Brown so I wish this were a cooler tone). I may try the "Dark Brown" but I'm afraid it's a bit too dark. :/ Anyway, if you plan on ordering these assume that the color will have some reds and see if it'll work for you.

I also found the bangs needed a trim - they do NOT look like the picture with Jessica Simpson!! Since I was going for the Alexis Bledel look, I printed off a few reference pictures and went at them with some scissors. They are pretty forgiving and they look nicer now that they aren't so - voluminous. I may also hit it with the straightening iron (I'm a bit cocky since I mess with doll hair all the time ;) ) to tone them down a bit more.

You really have to practice with these - unlike the promo videos show, you can't just clip them in and go. However, with a bit of trial and error and some modification (and the right color!!!!) they look pretty nice. I think I found out that I like myself better without bangs, but it's nice to have a change once in a while. I give these a B.

(And I would do a before and after pic but I can't post pics online, so sorry! :P)


Selenia said...

Wow this is a wonderful idea! I love the picture of Alexis Bledel's bangs, I wish I could see your hair before and after, I'm sure it looks amazing :).

Gina said...

I'm sure you look adorable!

You've been so quiet lately -- everything all right?

Nina said...

Oh, thanks for asking Gina! ^_^ No, I'm fine - I've just been busy with school lately and haven't really had many ideas for quality posts. :/

Gina said...

School will do that. Glad you're okay. :-)

Sangu said...

I love her fringe here, I'm sure you look great with the new hair!

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